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Toledo Beat Eastern Michigan, and We Have Pictures!

We traveled down to Toledo

The Toledo Dance Team doing a show during the game.
Kenneth Bailey

I don’t usually travel to take pictures but I feel like my picture taking this season was a bit on the light side. It didn’t seem like the Eastern Michigan schedule was too supportive of me actually going to games. When the schedule did cooperate, the weather didn’t. When I saw that it wouldn’t be too bad to head down to Toledo, I decided to.

Anyway, Toledo was able to roar to 31 to 20 lead at halftime on the back of shooting 46.7% from the three point line. Even though the numbers don’t seem to reflect it, it seemed like the basket had a vacuum on it when a Toledo player would shoot for three.

Well when I say roared, it seemed like it took half of the half for Toledo to wake up. Eastern Michigan managed to start the game fairly hot and got out to an 8 to 2 lead after a jumper by Malik Ellison. After that point, Toledo manged to pull away to their 11 point lead at the half.

Eastern Michigan didn’t really give up in the second half and managed to outscore the Rockets by five points but that wasn’t enough. Toledo managed to finish the game by beating the Eagles 64-58.

The leading scorer for the both the Eagles and the game was Paul Jackson with 17 points. Elijah Minnie wasn’t too far behind with 15 points. James Thompson IV got 11 rebounds in his final regular season game.

The leading scorers for Toledo were Jaelan Sanford and Spencer Littleson with 14 points each.

Eastern Michigan would finish the season at 15-15 overall and 9-9 in the MAC. They will host Ball State on Monday to open the MAC tournament. Toledo finished the season with a 25-6 overall record and 13-5 in the MAC. That was enough to earn them a first round bye in the MAC tournament.