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Hustle Belt’s Malt Madness: Tournament of Brews 2019 - S-Wheat 16

Some more shocking upsets occur as we’re down to the final 16 beers!

We’re down to just 16 beers! And, once again, a few Cinderellas have found their way deep into the bracket.

Here’s a look at where we now stand:

Just two 1-seeds remain in all the chaos. There’s also an interesting 12-16 match up coming out of the IPA-West/Midwest bracket. And, in the Dark Beer bracket, a 14-seed is also hanging tough but has an uphill battle this round.

Voting for the S-Wheat 16 will run through Sunday night, March 31st, at 11:59 p.m. (EST), so vote now and then vote again before the deadline.

Let’s head to the S-Wheat 16 now, starting with the left side of the bracket, IPAs-West/Midwest and Dark Beers

Left Side


Deschutes Fresh Squeezed continues their amazing might call them David as they knocked off Toppling Goliath’s Pseudo Sue. Maplewood’s Son of Juice claims victory in an all Chicago battle, easily winning over Pipeworks’ Ninja vs Unicorn. But in the bottom half, the higher seeds have no issue moving forward, setting up a HUGE battle between Zombie Dust and Two Hearted.

Here’s the details of last round:
#8 Pseudo Sue (41.7%) vs #16 Fresh Squeezed (58.3%)
#12 Son of Juice (75%) vs #13 Ninja vs Unicorn (25%)
#3 Zombie Dust (83.3%) vs #11 Juicy Bits (16.7%)
#2 Two Hearted (92.9%) vs #7 Head Hunter (7.1%)

Dark Beers

Goose Island continues their run, as expected. But they’ll take on Dragon’s Milk who edge out Dark Lord in an upset. #14 Old Rasputin continues to have a miracle run as they demolished Prairie Artisan’s Bomb! but it doesn’t get any easier here as they are slated to take on #2 KBS.

Here’s how it all went down:
#1 BCBS (81.8%) vs #8 Double Shot (20%)
#4 Dark Lord (46.2%) vs #5 Dragon’s Milk (53.8%)
#6 Bomb! (27.3%) vs #14 Old Rasputin (72.7%)
#2 KBS (72.7%) vs #7 Big Bad Baptist (27.3%)

Now on to the voting!

Right Side

Best of the Rest

Bell’s Oberon continues to cruise here but they might run into trouble with New Glarus’ Spotted Cow this round. And Boulevard’s Tank 7 also has an intriguing match up with Lagunitas’ Lil Sumpin’ Sumpin’...anything could happen in this region.

Here’s how last round finished:
#1 Oberon (58.3%) vs #9 Allagash White (41.7%)
#4 Spotted Cow (69.2%) vs #5 Sam Adams (30.8%)
#3 Tangerine Wheat (30.8%) vs #6 Lil Sumpin’ Sumpin’ (69.2%)
#2 Tank 7 (58.3%) vs #10 Fat Tire (41.7%)


The top two seed in the lower-right hand of the bracket both fall as #1 Maine Lunch gets upset by Dogfish Head and #2 Tropicalia is easily defeated by Tree House’s Julius. The #8-seed 90 Minute IPA will now take on #5 Jai Alai who demolished #13 Wicked Weed’s Pernicious. And #3 Heady Topper disposed of #6 Fuzzy Baby Ducks to square off against Julius in another battle of New England breweries.

Here’s the full results:
#1 Maine Lunch (36.4%) vs 90 Minute IPA (63.6%)
#5 Jai Alai (91.7%) vs #13 Pernicious (8.3%)
#3 Heady Topper (75%) vs #6 Fuzzy Baby Ducks (25%)
#2 Tropicalia (27.3%) vs #7 Julius (72.7%)

Now it’s time to vote for the right side of the bracket!

Don’t forget, voting ends Sunday night at 11:59 p.m. (EST) so be sure to share with every beer drinker you know at get those votes in by then!