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Hustle Belt’s Malt Madness: Tournament of Brews 2019 - LAST CALL!

A champion is crowned today!

After a few weeks of voting, we’ve finally made it to the end...the Last Call.

In a battle of two IPAs, Bell’s Two Hearted faced off against The Alchemist’s Heady Topper to decide who would win Hustle Belt’s Malt Madness Tournament.

And you guys, the voters, have spoken!

In a blowout win win the Tournament of Brews Champion is....


Two Hearted garnered 84.6% of the votes, to Heady Topper’s 15.4%, and it was runaway from the beginning.

Congrats to Bell’s Brewing and their amazing beer, which now has yet another title to its name. This comes after finishing as the runner up to Jackie O’s Mystic Mama in the inaugural Malt Madness back in 2014.