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Teyvion Kirk Leaves Ohio for Colorado State

PJ Fleck is probably mad

Ohio v Xavier Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Teyvion Kirk, the talented Ohio Bobcats guard has left for potential greener pastures. He is now a Colorado State Ram.

I found out about the departure via twitter.

He is trying to live his best life, so I have no problem with the shift. He makes note of the few true relationships he made there. Maybe he just didn’t quite fit in, maybe with the coaching change he felt he needed a chance. I don’t care.

I mean I care. I care for all people. I especially care for anyone that is part of the MAC family. I pay special attention to talents, and this kid certainly has it.

What I mean is that it is his life, and I am sure he has good reason to leave Ohio.

I threw a cheap shot at PJ Fleck in the dek, and I am a little bit apologetic. Coach Fleck made his way to my twitter timeline complaining about kids ditching their commitments. I get it. But I also get a kid doing what is best for him. Some schools are loyal to the kids, some are not. Some kids are loyal to the school, some are not. It’s a muddled up, mixed up world.

I am trying to leave the drama behind. I am going to watch Teyvion at Colorado State because he is an enjoyable player to watch. The rest of the drama, I am not here for that.