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Twitch Tuesdays Recap: All-MAC Madden Franchise (Part One)

There were some hiccups, but things are largely coming together for our Columbus Aviators.

Illustration: James H. Jimenez | Glitch logo courtesy of Twitch

Hello gamers, and welcome back!

(It feels so nice to say that.)

On Tuesday night, we had our first episode of Twitch Tuesday, where we dedicate our time to making a mess of well-established sports games with a MAC twist! Our first experiment, as voted on by the readers, was an NFL team made of all MAC alumni.

The way we decided to go about it was to relocate a team in Franchise mode, allow a year to pass, then release every non-MAC player on the relocated team and find/release MAC players from other NFL rosters, eventually signing the players as free agents. This way, we can go through a season in the real NFL and fight for the Lombardi trophy, just like any other team can!

Now, we did run into a few odd glitches, mostly regarding computer behavior in negotiating contracts, which can be fixed off-screen. That said, we’re going to have a pretty solid roster.

Here’s that video on-demand!

(If the embed doesn't play for you, follow this link.)

Next week, we take the Columbus Aviators for a ride, hopefully to play at least one or two games in the new season. Be sure to follow us on Twitch to get a push notification whenever we go live! If you miss us live, we’ll be sure to have a recap up the following day here on Hustle Belt proper!