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Zero Hour: I Still Think P.J. Fleck Would Be Better Off In the MAC

Even if he has a break out year

Illustration: James H. Jimenez | Photo: ESPN/Outside the Lines

P.J. Fleck might be on the precipice of big things in the B1G Ten. After leaving our beloved Western Michigan Broncos, he has a mediocre year at Minnesota. The following year, he was slightly above mediocre and then he won his bowl game. There is a solid chance he is setting things up for success with the Golden Gophers.

I think he might have still had more success in Kalamazoo.

Going 7-6 at Minnesota is nice, and there is a chance he could win 9 or even 10 games this season. He still isn’t going to compete for a national title at Minnesota. While that might be a bit brighter than recent history, the Gophers have more national titles than the vast majority of programs. With an extended run of winning seasons, he has a chance of mimicking the success of Glen Mason. For what? A few extra bucks? Better opportunity?

If P.J. Fleck stayed at Western Michigan, he could have broken glass ceilings. He could have done things never done before. Opportunities at other schools would have still been there, provided he kept winning.

Right before he left, I wrote a “letter” begging him to stay. Not because I am a WMU fan, I am not, but because I thought it would be good for him, and good for the conference. Two years later, nothing has changed my mind.