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Introducing... Twitch Tuesdays!

Look Ma, we’re real gamers now!

Illustration: James H. Jimenez | Glitch logo courtesy of Twitch


It’s true: Hustle Belt has a Twitch account now! And trust us, we plan on doing a lot with it as the year progresses.

As we already announced on Twitter last week, our NCAA FOOTBALL 2014 PREDICTS THE FUTURE series will be ported over to Twitch as a live stream, rather than as a fake game recap. Fret not if you enjoyed that series, however: we’re still going to publish it here on the main site as an embedded video you can watch any time on demand! It will save a lot of time on our end and be a lot more interactive than the previous iteration of the series.

But that isn’t all we’re doing. Starting next week, we’ll formally begin our first Twitch series: the All-MAC Madden 19 Franchise! The newly-formed Columbus Aviators (as voted on by our readership) will take on the NFL, made up entirely of your favorite MAC alumni, and seek to win the Lombardi Trophy. We’ll explain that more in depth in our first piece next week.

As we get used to streaming, we’ll slowly introduce some more new series on Twitch, with fan interaction encouraged, of course. Part of that interaction will be a series called “Beltcade,” a post-game reaction show immediately following mid-week MAC football games, where I’ll take on questions about all the #MACtion while playing a rotating video game of choice. That’s part of the fun!

Come winter-time, we’ll start sprinkling in some NCAA Basketball 10 in some fun and unique ways as well. (More details as that comes closer to fruition.)

Right now, we’re aiming to air every Tuesday night at somewhere between 8:30 and 9 p.m. EST, unless otherwise noted.

We hope, as we get this channel off the ground, that you’ll come to join us and take part in the community of fellow MAC sports lovers. If there’s anything I’ve learned being a part of this website over the last five years (yeah, really, five years!), it’s that when we’re all in a room together, things get rowdy in the best kind of way. I hope you’ll enjoy this new venture as much as I have enjoyed planning it over the last month or so.

Here’s to many GG’s in the future, Belters!