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State of the Program 2019: Eastern Michigan Eagles

The Eagles have been on the ascent recently. Now, they need to steady out.

Illustration: James H. Jimenez | Photo: Kenneth Bailey

There is not much else that I can say here, that I haven’t said in the other articles for the 2019 season. So this will be a general overview of the shape of things.

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The EMU trajectory has been largely positive lately. The Eastern Michigan Eagles have been to a bowl game two of the three seasons. That is a first for them and it also matches the number of bowl games they’ve gone to in their history (if you include the Pioneer Bowl). They have not won a bowl game since 1987.

There were rumors that Coach Creighton was headed elsewhere after last season. Those rumors proved to be false as he will return for his sixth season at Eastern Michigan. If manages to either match or improve upon last season’s record, those rumors might get louder. He has turned around the program quickly, and has deserved the outside praise.

Eastern Michigan already has 9 commits for the 2020 season. This is a good indicator of the health of the program.

While Eastern Michigan loses Maxx Crosby and Jeremiah Harris, their defense looks pretty solid this year. They have a bunch of seniors in their secondary and defensive line. Given their defensive coordinator, I expect an aggressive defense again.

While they don’t return much experience in the offensive line, they do in the skilled positions. If I had one knock on them, they need to improve their running game. Hopefully, they do.