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Zero Hour: Zero Gimmicks Is the Blueprint For #MACtion Going Forward


Illustration: James H. Jimenez | Photo: ESPN/Outside the Lines

Back before a few washed out players brought about the demise of EA Sports NCAA Football, I would build dynasties, usually out of MAC squads. I generally would pick a the most gimmicky teams and go recruit. Success bred success, eventually building the Akrons up to the level of the Ohio States of the world.

That was then.

Now that there is hope for NCAA Football making a return, I got to thinking how I would build my dynasties? In the spirit of realism, I would do a complete 180. I would be as vanilla as vanilla ice cream. I would have a basic pro style offense and my defense would be either a 3-4 or 4-3 cover 2 base defense. To run these schemes, and be able to pull off upsets or win week in and week out in a gimmick filled league, I would need talent. Luckily for me, no matter which MAC school I pick, I have one of the richest, most fertile recruiting grounds in the country, loaded with players with serious NFL potential.

It’s called the Big Ten (and Notre Dame) second teams.

Kids today lack patience. Maybe we shouldn’t have used video games and televisions as baby sitters. That is a conversation for another blog. It is what it is, and with phones as the new baby sitters, that trend isn’t going anywhere. Neither are the giant NFL contracts. There is too much money involved for some of these kids to ride the pine and hope for their chance, when deep down inside they know they are NFL capable.

So the scheme is simple. Build a super team of disgruntled former 4 and 5 star recruits that want to play in their senior season. They have been coached up on the basics by some of the best coaches in college football. They ate the same food as all the Heisman front runners. Bring them in for their senior season and let them show their stuff in front of large T.V. audiences on Tuesday and Wednesdays!

One of the great ironies is that the MAC school might actually get the better overall player. Imagine a scenario at a place like Ohio State, that runs a college offense. They bring in two 5 star recruits. One is perfect for a pro style offense, but lacks in mobility. The other is a solid passer but great runner. Ohio State would likely choose the second player as they fit their scheme better. My school could then scoop up the other 5 star recruit and help him with his NFL dreams. A second chance at success. I might even change the schools mascot to fit this new system. The Miami Phoenix, I like the sound of that.