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An Interview With Eastern Michigan Head Coach Chris Creighton

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As Coach Creighton enters his sixth season, we sit down with him to get his thoughts on the 2019 season.

Coach Creighton having a chat with one of the refs.
Kenneth Bailey

Hustle Belt: What do you see as your biggest challenge in this coming season?

Creighton: Well I think, you know, when you go back to our last game on December 15th and you know we’re the number one defense in the MAC. We’ve lost almost all of our defensive front, so I think there is going to be a challenge there. You grow guys and up your recruiting and development game. All of that said, I think we feel really good about it, but you know when you take all of those guys away, you know that’s a challenge defensively. Then offensively, you know when you graduate four senior offensive linemen, everything starts there. Again, we have a really good group that is developing to step up in that role but that’s the challenges for those two spots.

Hustle Belt: After a long drought of bowl games, the Eagles have made it to a bowl in 2 out of 3 seasons, do you think you can make it back to back this year?

Creighton: Win six or seven games, if you know what I mean. I think the Bowl Game thing is mathematical. It’s six for some people and seven for others. For us it’s probably seven games and you know that that’s not our end goal, but that’s absolutely something that we want to get to and to win. You know we’ve fallen short really close but never the less, have fallen short in the last two.

Hustle Belt: You’ve lost a few key impact players on both sides of the ball, do you see some the players that are currently on the team filling those holes?

Creighton: Yes so you know when you talk about you know Jeremiah Harris and Maxx Crosby. They leave a hole. I mean, that’s three guys and two people who were you know, all-conference players and a captain to torch bearer award winner and two-time team MVP. That’s a lot of production.

Under them, obviously you’re gonna get their chance to shine. You know Sean Simeon is taken some really good steps for this last year and has the ability. Turan Rush, just he’s a fantastic player and awesome leader on our team.... We have, we have people and they’re going to have to just play great football.

Hustle Belt: Do you see having most of your games on the road this season as a detriment or an opportunity?

Creighton: I mean it is what it is. We’d rather have you know seven at home and five away. We love playing at The Factory and having a home crowd, but we’ve played well on the road. You know, that doesn’t bother our guys at all. You know having three in a row in the in the very beginning isn’t ideal for the school and for fans and all of that, but we’ll play anyone, anytime, anywhere. On the parking lot of broken glass. That’s right man, at The Factory, it’s the best place.

Hustle Belt: What is your most exciting moment so far in Ypsilanti?

Creighton: I’ll give you the most recent, how’s that? Because there’s been a ton of them. The most recent was on Sunday night, when our football team got to go into the brand new endzone facility for the first time, and seeing those guys literally run into each room with eyes and mouths wide open. It was just awesome. We talk a lot about it, but the building in particular impacts coaches, student athletes, and support staff so much I don’t think even people realize how much this is a game changer for football and the athletic department. There’s no doubt it’s it’s made the athletic department better obviously individual programs and then, you know, I’ll just tell you a couple comments that I heard from our guys on Sunday night. Multiple people said, “I feel like a Division One football player”. I think that there’s something to be said about that. And then secondly guys said, “Coach, you are not going to lose a single recruit from here on out.” So I mean just the pride that they have in it and I know that we’re all very, very, very thankful and grateful for being able to be in that building.

Hustle Belt: If you could go back and change one game in your tenure at Eastern Michigan, which one would it be?

Creighton: I mean gosh, any game that we lost I would’ve rather one but I don’t know that, you know? They all matter, they all count... you know, looking forward to the next one.

Hustle Belt would like to thank Coach Creighton and the rest of the EMU Athletics staff for taking the time to talk to us!

Coach Creighton can be followed on Twitter @Coach_Creighton and EMU Football can be followed @EMUFB.