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Shuffle Belt: Week 4, 2019 “Hard Feelings”

The readers sent in a lot of similar-feeling tracks, and we followed their lead in this week’s playlist.

Illustration: James H. Jimenez

Welcome back to the Internet’s only playlist that puts the Mid-American Conference in aural form!

This week, we didn’t go in with a set theme, but after several user submissions, we finally came up with the perfect playlist: “Hard Feelings”! There’s plenty of animosity in the games coming up this week, including an in-conference rivalry trophy game and the return of some old faces fans are less than excited to see.

Here’s the playlist first, and then we’ll get to the submissions:

(If the embed doesn’t work, click this link.)

Here’s what you, the readers, submitted!

Ya got me there, MAC Insider Meghan McCain.

I love “Let’s Have A War” and it fits perfectly with the rest of the playlist. (Side note: You’re gonna notice a lot of Enos references today.)

In case you missed it, Dan Enos said he put his “heart and soul” in to CMU with no support back from the school and administration. So really, this is a perfectly appropriate entry.

Can’t really say it much better than that, honestly.

The Rockets have a bit of history with playing teams out West at crazy times, often resulting in some crazy games. They’re definitely gonna dance with Colorado State.

Speaking of crazy times for West-based games, Toledo plays at 10:15 p.m. Eastern time. MADNESS!

I mean, that’s like, your opinion man.

Now, for staff picks! This week, it’s just me at the jukebox controls, so here we go!

  • “Sober II (Melodrama)” by Lorde: For Buffalo, who faces the coach that prevented them from winning a MAC Championship last season. There is certain to be pitched emotions and drama in what’s already a regional rivalry.
  • “Hungry Like The Wolf (Recorded Live at AIR Studios, London)” by Muse: For Ball State, who travels doe to Raleigh, North Carolina, hungry to prove they’re a contender in the MAC West.
  • “The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall” by Machinae Supremacy: For Miami, who after talking crap about Ohio State being the priviliged kid at recess, suddenly finds themselves in even more of an underdog role than maybe they were ready for. But it’s an in-state rivalry, and those athletes will be AMPED.
  • “So Long” by YoungBoy Never Broke Again, NLE Choppa, Yung Bleu, Jay Da Youngman: For Ohio, who will be looking to dispatch of the Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns and prove the preseason media right after a slow start.
  • “Orange Crush” by CJ Young: For WMU, who will face Syracuse at The Dome. They seek the MAC’s second #FlyTheFlag win and could really turn some heads if they’re able to crush the orange and drink in the glory.
  • “Gasoline” by Party Favor and Nonsens: For the Kent State/Bowling Greed Anniversary Award Game. It’s a conference game, a rivalry game AND a trophy game. Hard feelings are already in the air, and that’s even before considering the winner will get a leg up in the MAC East.
  • “Sweep The Leg” by Family Force Five: For Akron, who will desparate for a win after starting 0-3 this season and face a Troy team in part because of teir former coach’s scheduling habits.

Keep an eye out for next week’s submission theme on our Twitter page @HustleBelt! If you’re looking for some of our other playlists, check out the “Shuffle Belt” section in our website or type “Shuffle Belt” in Spotify!