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The Exciting Finish that Shouldn’t Have Been: Recalling EMU’s game-winning blocked punt touchdown

Eastern Michigan defeats Central Connecticut on a last second punt block.

Mathew Sexton Glides Into the Endzone After an Amazing Punt Block.
Kenneth Bailey

Central Connecticut went to lead Eastern Michigan by one point at the 2:05 mark in the fourth quarter. When that happened, I was ready to go home. I decided to stay for the Eastern Michigan drive but it came to an abrupt end when Mike Glass III threw an interception with a minute and fifteen seconds. There was a bit of a skirmish on the sidelines. At that point, I thought it was clearly over (probably others did as well,) but Eastern Michigan had two time outs left.

Central Connecticut started that drive with Enyce Walker rushing for three yards. Then he ran for another yard. Eastern Michigan had to get one more stop or it would be game over. Antwann Anderson received the ball but he was stopped after gaining only two yards. Eastern Michigan still had 10 seconds left on the clock.

Central Connecticut lined up in punt formation. Eastern Michigan lined up in punt break formation. The ball was snapped and Central Connecticut called out “Broken Arrow” as Eastern Michigan broke through their defenses. Mathew Sexton reached the punter as the kick got off. The ball bounced up into Mathew Sexton’s hands and he took it all the way to put the Eagles up 34-29, pending the try. After some laundry found its way to the ground, Eastern Michigan didn’t make the two point conversion, once again putting the onus on the defense to come up big.

After the kickoff, there was still ten seconds left on the clock. Central Connecticut lined up in a pass formation. Eastern Michigan lined up in a prevent defense. On the first play, Aaron Winchester’s pass found Jiovany Pierre for 14 yards. As the clock reached 0, the next pass fell to the ground incomplete.

Eastern Michigan would win the game, 34-29, and pandemonium ensued. Chris Creighton thanked the fans directly on the microphone, an EMU player proposed to his girlfriend, and a lot of people in green couldn’t stop cheering.

It was an exciting finish that shouldn’t have been. But that’s why they play the games til the end, isn’t it?