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Five Things Learned: Central Connecticut Blue Devils at Eastern Michigan Eagles

The last non-conference game of the season showed us a lot of what we already knew.

Coach Creighton Discussing Things With the Refs
Kenneth Bailey

I will admit, I’ve been avoiding writing this column so far. I am of the the opinion that you don’t learn much about a team until they play within their conference. That said, we're four games into the season, so I think we can point out some tendencies.

  1. Eastern Michigan needs to find their run game.

So far this season, they have only averaged 102.5 yards per game on the ground. Their most successful effort was getting 164 yards against Illinois. But that was offset by the 49 yards against Kentucky and 94 yards this weekend. This was apparent at the end of the game Saturday when Eastern Michigan couldn’t really grind the clock.

2. Passing on the other hand is pretty good.

Mike Glass III has averaged 280 yards in the air. He has thrown 12 touchdowns with 4 picks. He has been pretty good at distributing the ball as there are four receivers who average 40 yards are more. There's a lot of potential moving forward for the passing game heading into the conference season, but it would nice to see them be able to hold on to leads.

3. The Offensive Line has seemed to gel.

So far, they have only given up four sacks this year through four games.It helps that Mike Glass is pretty fleet of foot, but it's still an extremely impressive mark, considering the competition they've played and the fact most of their games have been on the road so far.

4. The Defense is coming up to speed.

So far the defense has 11 sacks, 5 interceptions and 3 fumble recoveries. If I had one knock on them it’s that they might be too aggressive at times. Central Connecticut was able to get some big plays after the defense overpursued.

5. We Still Don’t Know Much.

Like I said in the lead in, I don’t think we really learn anything until conference play. Eastern Michigan was playing in their weight class against Coastal Carolina. They were punching above against Kentucky and Illionis. They should have beat Central Connecticut more readily (I think) but a win is a win. I don’t think we will learn anything until they play Central Michigan in two weeks.