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Five Things Learned: Eastern Michigan Eagles at Coastal Carolina Chanticleers

What Did We Learn?

No Rest for the Eagles as they have 7 road games this year.
Kenneth Bailey

Writing Five Things Learned after the first game can be extremely difficult. It’s nice to put numbers up but until there are a couple more games, those numbers don’t have any context. We really do not know how good the opponent is or for that matter how good the team we are rooting for is. That being said...

  1. Eastern Michigan needs a healthy Mike Glass III.

We saw it last year: Mike Glass III gave an extra wrinkle to the offense. He went 20 for 22 on passing with no interceptions an route to a victory on Saturday. He also got a rushing touchdown. If he finds his receivers covered, he can tuck it and run for a few yards. But in order to do that, he needs to stay healthy.

2. Same goes for Shaq Vann.

Shaq Vann ran for 84 net yards on Saturday. He is probably capable of running for more, if he stays healthy. He's a steady presence for the Eagles, and a young offense will really need him to step up.

3. You Can Lose an NFL Caliber player, but it will affect you.

Eastern Michigan only recorded one sack on Saturday, which isn't a surprise considering the loss of Maxx Crosby. That said, their defense needs to be more disruptive, especially considering their schedule only gets tougher from here.

4. It’s a Long Season.

I don’t see any need to get optimistic yet, even with a lovely win against CCU despite adversity. The Eagles showed a lot of good, but a lot can happen between now and the end of the season.

5. The first of seven road games is in the books.

Eastern Michigan are going to have to be road warriors again throughout the season, as they play most of their games on the road. In that sense, it's a relief to have the first road game be a win. Hopefully, the constant travel doesn't take a toll.