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Shuffle Belt: 2019 Week 2 "How Do You Feel?"

Week 1's hype music was a rousing success. In Week 2, we hear how the audience feels about last week's games!

Illustration: James H. Jimenez

Welcome back to the hustle and bustle of the Shuffle Belt!

Last week, we featured a playlist of “hype music” that seemed to find success with a lot of our audience, as about half of it was filled with reader submissions. That’s fantastic, and we thank you for contributing.

Now that the first week of games has elapsed, we’re happy to come back with the second part of our curated playlist series, with the theme of “How Do You Feel?”

Once again, we had plenty of audience submissions and we’ll be sure to highlight them individually below.

(If the embed doesn’t work, click this link.)

First, we’ll highlight the staff picks:

Staff writer Steve Helwick

“The Sweet Escape” by Gwen Stefani ft. Akon: “This one’s for NIU because the Huskies started the Thomas Hammock era by escaping an FCS upset bid.”

“Coming Undone” by KORN: “Miami kept it close in the first half, before Iowa slowly unraveled their defense. Also, the game was in Iowa.”

“Alive” by Lil’ Jon, ft. Offset and 2 Chainz: “‘Alive’ by Lil’ Jon (Wassink) because WMU’s offense looks well alive after his 386 yard, five touchdown performance back from a season-ending injury in 2018.”

Asst. Site Manager James W. Snyder

“Kentucky Rain” by Elvis Presley (for Toledo, who suffered a loss to the Wildcats.)

Editor-in-chief Alan Rucker

“Won’t Get Fooled Again” by The Who: “It’s the same ol’ S**** [with Ball State] losing to IU. Won’t get fooled again.”

Site writer Dave Drury

“Wonderful” by Everclear: “‘Please don’t tell me everything is wonderful now’ since even with the new NIU offense, there’s clearly a lot to work on.”

Asst. Site Manager James H. Jimenez

“Runnin’ Wild” by Circle Jerks: “Buffalo used their dominant running game to take care of business against RMU, and it’s got them feeling real good right now.”

“Paranoid” by Black Sabbath: “Kent State got eviscerated in the desert night last week, and now they go home to face one of the toughest FCS teams in the country as a potential home dog.”

“Be True To Your School” by The Beach Boys: “Fan support around the CMU program seems to be making a comeback, and that’s fantastic news because being a loyal fan in dark days means so much when you’re finally winning. Also, check out the Wisconsin fight song in the middle eight!”

“Drinkin’ From The Bottle” by Calvin Harris ft. Tinie Tempah: “EMU probably celebrated heartily after securing a wild win in hostile territory in the first of seven (!!!) road games this year.”

Now, here’s all our audience submissions!


Thanks to everyone who submitted songs! If you have any submissions for the Shuffle Belt, be sure to tell us on Twitter @HustleBelt, or by using the #ShuffleBelt!