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Mid-American Bandwagon podcast, Ep. 16: An East division breakdown, and previews for Buffalo and Toledo!

Rachel Lenzi drops by to discuss expectations for Buffalo this season, while Ashley Bastock joins to do the same for Toledo!

Illustration: James H. Jimenez; photos courtesy of Wikipedia Commons, James H. Jimenez, Kenneth Bailey

Folks, we are less than two weeks away from MAC football. We know you’re all as excited as we are! Given how close we are to the return of MACtion, we’re excited to bring you some awesome season preview content this week.

Kicking off this episode, Zach and Sam break down the TV schedule release that took place earlier this week. What games are you most looking forward to watching in week 1? The boys give their thoughts, as well as their general thoughts around what the first couple weeks of the season will look like.

Following the schedule breakdown, we move into the Twitter responses from the past few weeks. What’s the biggest “what if” in recent memory for your program? How do you folks feel about your teams’ 2020 schedule? We got some great responses this week, so it was only right that we give some shout outs.

In the B block, the boys welcome in Rachel Lenzi from the Buffalo News to discuss the upcoming Bulls’ season. We talk about the ongoing QB competition, what to expect from the defense, as well as the squads’ mindset going into the season. This is a team with high expectations, as Rachel talks about their “Detroit or bust” mentality as week one approaches.

To close out this weeks’ episode, our hosts are joined by Ashley Bastock, who covers Toledo for the Toledo Blade. New to the Rockets’ beat, Ashley talks about how she’s settling in to the new gig, and also breaks down the Rockets’ outlook as they look to have a bounce back season. Additionally, Ashley touches on a transfer that she feels could break out and have an impact on the field for the Rockets this fall.

With each season preview interview that we do, we get more and more excited. We’re almost there guys. We hope you all enjoy this episode. We had a great time speaking with both Rachel and Ashley, and they both brought some great information. As always, you don’t want to miss this episode. subscribe to us on your favorite podcast platform, or listen at the direct embed link below! Have a great weekend everybody!