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The NIU Football Drinking Game (2020 Edition)

Because getting through these games requires some drinking...

NCAA FOOTBALL: SEP 05 UNLV at Northern Illinois Photo by Christopher Anderson/Icon Sportswire/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If you’re a fan of the Northern Illinois Huskies (or MACtion in general), you’ve noticed just how poorly the Huskies have been playing lately. Between the turnovers, the self-inflicted wounds, and having no consistency on offense or defense it’s enough to make any teetotaler reconsider.

So I’ve decided to revive my old NIU Football Drinking Game in order to make this season a bit more palatable. But, with NIU finding new ways to lose, the game will be a little different this season.

It’s a simple game. Crack open a beer, mix yourself a drink, or, heck, pour a glass (or bottle) of wine and watch the game. When one of the things below happens, drink the allotted amount, but matter how poorly NIU plays, drink responsibly!

Run up the middle for no gain – 1 sip
Defense misses a tackle – 1 sip
Pass thrown over the WR’s head OR into the ground in front of the WR – 1 sip
Bowers is forced to throw on the run – 1 sip
Bowers is sacked – 2 sips
ESPN mentions how many freshman are playing – 2 sips
ESPN talks about Hammock’s playing days/time in NFL – 2 sips
3-and-out – 3 sips
Turnover on downs – 4 sips
Turnover – 5 sips
Bonus points: if it’s an unforced fumble (i.e. NIU just drops the ball), take 2 more sips
Touchdown – finish drink, yell “holy shit, we scored!”
Turnover returned for a touchdown – finish drink, yell “AGAIN?!”

Remember this is just for fun and to not go too hard! Good luck! And go Huskies!