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Mid-American Bandwagon Podcast, Episode 1: Big Ten cancellations, Call to MACtion, and player questions

It’s the debut of our new podcast, which you can find links to below!

Illustration: James H. Jimenez; photos courtesy of Wikipedia Commons, James H. Jimenez, Kenneth Bailey

Hey there, everyone, and welcome to the first episode of our brand spankin’ new podcast, Mid-American Bandwagon!

Zach and Sam introduce themselves to the audience, and talk a bit how they became fans of the MAC (0:00) as they turn on the mics for the first time as full-time podcast hosts! The boys tackle the Big Ten’s conference game-only announcement and how it’ll impact the MAC’s future schedules (4:18), talk about their appearance on the MAC’s official podcast (14:32), talk about the players they’re keeping an eye on in all three phases of the game the 2020 season (17:15) and answer some fan questions (29:40) about some intriguing directional Michigan products.

As it’s our first episode, there will still be some kinks to work out, so we ask for your patience as we find our voice here. This week’s episode, previously recorded on Wednesday, was adjusted to account for the Big Ten’s announcement on Thursday, so there may be some noticeable differences in audio volume and segment breaks.

Moving forward, we want to make fan interaction a central theme of the podcast, so please don’t forget to follow along on Twitter @MAC_Bandwagon, and leave comments on Twitter, Facebook and of coure, in the comments below!

Here’s the embed to the podcast below, or you can follow through this hyperlink to go to Anchor, or listen directly to the MP3 in case the embed below doesn’t work.

Listen to the first episode of our newest venture here!