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Hustle Belt t-shirts are officially online!

Support the Best Little #MACtion Blog in the Midwest with these super comfortable, collaboratively-made t-shirts!

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Illustration: James H. Jimenez

Hey there. everyone!

We’ve been teasing this for months, dating all the way back to February, as part of our commitment to make Hustle Belt a better community blog, and we are happy to finally announce that HB now has a dedicated merch shop!

We here at the Belt teamed up with the great crew over at Homefield Apparel to create an exclusive line of blog t-shirts, with plans to produce more future designs should the partnership prove to be successful.

Here’s our three designs to start with:

The designs are courtesy of our very own Dave Drury and Connor Hitchcock over at Homefield, and we believe they capture the essence of what we’re about here at the Belt.

Homefield Apparel is one of the biggest names in collegiate sports, with hundreds of designs in their arsenal and a hugely popular subscription service. They’re also a big fan of SB Nation and their various team blogs, having partnered with several SBN-affiliated blogs, including Banner Society and Mid-Major Madness. On top of that, Homefield is an independent clothier with a focus on comfort, community and care. It’s a huge part of why we wanted to work with them.

To celebrate this partnership, you can save 20 percent off your entire purchase (which does include everything on the store!) by using promo code “HUSTLE” at checkout. Homefield has designs for 11 of the 12 MAC partner schools, so feel free to snag a shirt for your alma mater too!

Every t-shirt purchased will help Hustle Belt in the future, and will allow us to present more options down the line, so help us help you!

The direct link to our shirts can be found here, in case you missed it at the top.