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Mid-American Bandwagon Podcast, Ep. 45: What’s Old Is New Again!

James stops by the bandwagon with Sam this week to discuss the hiring of Maurice Linguist (and discuss CMU and EMU’s basketball hires), and catch up on the latest in spring happenings.

Illustration: James H. Jimenez; photos courtesy of Wikipedia Commons, James H. Jimenez, Kenneth Bailey

Hey there, Bandwagoners!

You’ll notice the byline is a bit different this week for the upload article. That’s because Zach was out for personal reasons, which means that James had to come in from the bullpen to make an appearance!

The A block starts with a new voice on an old topic, as Sam and James review the Tony Barbee and Stan Heath hires from a more local perspective. We also review some MAC-related news and notes from the pro levels and go over a handful of commitments that could be intriguing fits, and talk at length about the hiring of Maurice Linguist as Buffalo’s head coach.

The B block is all spring all the time, as we look over the wind-down of the baseball and softball seasons, including Miami softball’s dominance and the heavyweight fight between James’ CMU and Sam’s Ball State at the top of the baseball table. After that, we review the track and field results and pontificate on why other sports don’t reward assistant coaches with end-of-year trophies.

Hope you folks like the change of pace (for at least one week) and tune in for the latest in the updates! Be sure to listen on all your favorite streaming platforms or at the link below, and interact with us 24/7 on Twitter @MAC_Bandwagon!