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2021 Mid-American Conference Football Week 2 Game Recap: Wisconsin 34, Eastern Michigan 7

The scoreboard was a lot kinder to the Eagles than the box score on Saturday night.

Eastern Michigan v Wisconsin Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images
Wisconsin gained more yards than the Paul Tregurtha is long
Kenneth Bailey

Eastern Michigan was holding a three-game winning streak against the Big Ten coming into this game, and I asked in my preview a couple days back if they could make it four-in-a-row. Well, we all got that answer— and in resounding fashion. Wisconsin took away a 34-7 victory on Saturday night under the lights at Camp Randall.

I’m not sure if I consider Wisconsin as one of the elite of the Big Ten but they are certainly up there. I thought that Eastern Michigan had a chance.

Eastern Michigan had a chance to upset Wisconsin so long as they could establish their run game while stopping Wisconsin’s. Well, running for 12 yards is hardly establishing a running game. Meanwhile, they allowed Wisconsin to run for 352 yards, and pick up 518 yards total on offense. Suffice to say, they did not accomplish either mission.

If you were hoping that Eastern Michigan’s passing game would make up for the lack of a run game, that didn’t happen either. Preston Hutchinson and Ben Bryant combined for a grand total of 77 yards., with Bryant throwing an interception.

The one bright spot for Eastern Michigan was David Carter getting an interception and running it back for 98 yards to score a touchdown, maintaining Eastern Michigan’s streak of not getting shut out since Creighton’s first year.

For the Badgers, four of their touchdowns came from their running game. Chez Mellusi, Isaac Guerendo, Jalen Berger and Brady Schipper each had a touchdown for the Badger attack. The Badger leading rusher was Chez Mellusi with 144 yards. Isaac Guerendo was able to run for 92 yards, which was almost more than Eastern Michigan’s total offensive yards all by his lonesome.

Eastern Michigan hopes to regroup in a hurry, as they face travel to face old MAC foe UMass in Amherst, Massachusetts, next weekend. The game is set to kick off on Saturday, Sept. 18 at 3:30 p.m., and is set to be aired exclusively on FloSports.