Ohio 6, Northwestern 35. Ugh.

Another loss for the Bobcats last weekend, as they fall once again this time to Northwestern of the Big Ten.

Before the game, people were wondering which quarterback was going to start for the Bobcats as ESPN reported on a possible change in the QB position, nothing ended up changing although.

The game started pretty well for Ohio, with Rourke going 6/6 for 66 yards in the first drive. That set up a chance for a field goal for OU, which was sadly missed from 31 yards out. The next drive for Ohio was a bit more painful, as Rourke ran the ball on his first play and fumbled the ball to Northwestern. From that point, it seemed like Northwestern put the pedal to the metal and scored two touchdowns before the half ended. On the other side, Ohio punted every single time after the fumble in the first half.

Both teams were in gridlock in the third quarter with neither team able to do anything. That changed in the fourth quarter when a 26-yard field goal from Northwestern was good. The Wildcats ended up scoring two more touchdowns within the quarter. It was not until 4 seconds in regulation that Ohio finally got something on the board. Armani Rogers was put into the game and performed a read-option which allowed him to run the ball down the field for a 55-yard consolation touchdown. 6-35.

Even though his time on the field was short, I liked what I saw from Armani Rogers. Showing that he still has determination and the wherewithal after losing by 35 points to get the ball down the field even if the touchdown looks a bit pointless in the grand scheme of things. It will be interesting to see if Rogers gets more touches when they go up to Akron on Saturday.

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