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2022 East-West Shrine Bowl Practice Notes and Official Measurements

The MAC players at the East-West Shrine Bowl are generating attention for themselves during the week of practice.

2020 East–West Shrine Game Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Players from all around the collegiate world have gathered in Las Vegas this week, engaging in practices, press conferences and interviews in te lead up to the East-West Shrine Bowl (formerly called the East-West Shrine Game) to be played February 3 in Allegiant Stadium.

The week of practices is the player’s opportunity to work with current NFL assistant coaches and talk to scouts and media to improve their draft stock.

The MAC players that accepted invites have made an impression in their short time. Ali Fayad is showing off his pass-rushing moves and winning one on one battles regularly, and Dustin Crum has looked good throwing short passes.

Clint Ratkovich has gotten some attention showing all the skills a running back needs. Armani Rogers once again walked upon the turf of the UNLV facility, this time as a tight end. Rogers has has looked raw, but made solid progress throughout the week. He was originally recruited to UNLV as a quarterback prior to his arrival in Athens.

Below are the official measurements that were taken on-site and some highlights of each MAC player at the Shrine Bowl.

Official measurements (listed in alphabetical order, with all length numbers in inches)

Dustin Crum, QB, Kent State

  • Height: six-foot-one
  • Weight: 219
  • Hands: 9 and one-eighths
  • Arms: 32 and one-eighths
  • Wingspan: 77

Ali Fayad, LB, Western Michigan

  • Height: six-foot-two
  • Weight: 248 lbs.
  • Hands: 9 and three-eighths
  • Arms: 32
  • Wingspan: 77 and one half

Clint Ratkovich, RB, Northern Illinois

  • Height: six-foot
  • Weight: 231 lbs.
  • Hands: 9 and one half
  • Arms: 30 and one half
  • Wingspan: 73

Armani Rogers, TE, Ohio

  • Height: six-foot-five
  • Weight: 226 lbs.
  • Hands: 9 and one half
  • Arms: 33 and one-eighth
  • Wingspan: 79 and one half

What They’re Saying on Twitter:

Ali Fayad

Pro Football Focus discusses what they’ve seen from Fayad so far at the 2:18 mark:

Dustin Crum

The focus in this clip is on the diving catch, but Crum delivered a ball that was either an incredible catch or incomplete:

Armani Rogers

Clint Ratkovich