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Dustin Crum, Kaleb Eleby and Skyy Moore work out in 2022 NFL Combine

Tight ends, quarterbacks and wide receivers took to the Lucas Oil turf to show off for NFL scouts, including three former MAC stars.

NFL: Scouting Combine Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Scouting Combine started on March 1 with the medical and interview process, but the real popcorn-worthy moments of the now-primetime event began on Thursday afternoon, as tight ends, quarterbacks and wide receivers took to the field at Lucas Oil Stadium in front of NFL scouts and coaches— as well as 10,000 assembled fans.

Tight ends took the field first, followed by quarterbacks and wide receivers, with the latter two position groups split in alphabetical order from A-M and O-Z.

The Mid-American Conference had seven invitees to this year’s edition of the combine, with three of those seven performing for scouts and fans alike this evening in former Western Michigan Broncos Kaleb Eleby and Skyy Moore, as well as former Kent State Golden Flash Dustin Crum.

We’ll go over the performance of each prospect below, in alphabetical order:

QB Dustin Crum, Kent State

NFL: Scouting Combine Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


  • Height: six-foot-one
  • Weight: 210 lbs.
  • Arms: 31 and three-quarters inches
  • Hands: nine and three-eights inches


  • 40-yard dash: 4.74
  • Did not partake in any other physical tests

Crum did not have a great East-West Shrine Bowl performance, and looked to make up for his slip-up in the combine throwing drills. Crum did it in spades, only missing on three total throws in the route exercises, all three of which bounced off of or were dropped off the receiver’s hands.

Crum showed good anticipation and touch on the shorter routes, even if the footwork wasn’t always perfect, and wowed scouts with several deep balls going over 50+ yards, especially on the post corner and vert routes. His consistency and comfort was notable in a quarterback group which seemed to struggle with timing, especially downfield.

If there’s something to be concerned about, it’s whether the mechanics will translate or be improved upon in the pros. Regardless, there is intrigue around Crum as a priority undrafted free agent who could sneak into Day 3.

QB Kaleb Eleby, Western Michigan

NFL: Scouting Combine Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


  • Height: six-foot-one
  • Weight: 208 lbs.
  • Arms: 30 and five-eighths inches
  • Hands: nine and one-quarter inches


  • Vertical: 25.5 inches
  • Broad jump: 111 inches
  • Did not partake in any other physical tests

Eleby, as an underclassman, was not eligible for any collegiate all-star game, which makes the combine extremely important for his potential professional career.

While Eleby had some notable misses at points in the short pass drills for a QB from a RPO-heavy system, he also showed extreme confidence when throwing downfield, much like MAC contemporary Dustin Crum. This shouldn’t come as a surprise; Eleby led FBS in yards per pass attempt in 2020, after all. But it was the sheer strength and accuracy of his deep passes which caught the eyes of many on Draft coverage.

Eleby has the physical tools to be able to be a developmental QB with starter upside at the professional level, though it would have been nice for his case to have a good 40-yard dash time recorded. This, as well as other physical drills, will likely be performed on his upcoming Pro Day.

Eleby, who has already reportedly met with the Denver Broncos, has more or less earned himself a solid Day 3 projection based on his physicals, measurements and natural ability.

WR Skyy Moore, Western Michigan

NFL: Scouting Combine Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


  • Height: five-foot-ten
  • Weight: 195 lbs.
  • Arms: 31 inches
  • Hands: 10 and one-fourths inches


  • 40-yard dash: 4.39 (unofficial), 4.41 (official)
  • Vertical: 34.5 inches
  • Broad jump: 125 inches
  • Did not partake in other physical tests

Skyy Moore, another underclassman like former teammate Kaleb Eleby, came to the combine to make himself known, and accomplished just that.

He was measured as having the largest hands of any receiver at 10 and one-fourth inches, and those hands were on display throughout Thursday’s activities, with a near-perfect display in both the route tree exercises and the gauntlet, showing great range of motion, good footwork and straight line speed and smooth, sudden route-running. Moore was especially proficient with backshoulder throws, doing an excellent job of tracking down passes on deeper attempts.

His physicals were great as well, with a 4.39 unofficial on his first run, which would place him as one of 11 players in this year’s class to run under 4.4 if the time holds up. The main concern with Moore was if his game was predicated on a lot of yards-after-catch in the RPO-heavy offense of WMU, but he showed well for himself in the drills, with only one missed connection on the day.

Several draft prognosticators declared Moore has ascended from a Round 3-4 pick to a receiver who won’t be around at the end of Round 2 after tonight’s performance, a meteoric rise for a prospect who was seen as a Day 3 talent at the start of the year.