6 Tips for Hosting an Exciting NBA Game Watch Party

We have been devoid of human contact in every shape or form for the last two years. There hasn’t been much happening that people would get to rejoice in or enjoy together. However, now that the pandemic is easing thanks to vaccines, the world is opening up again.

As a diehard sports fan, we are sure you were also missing out on some epic game night and watching parties with friends. But fret not. With NBA games in full swing, you can gather around all your basketball fans and host a kickass NBA game watch party.

There won’t be a better time than this to host one right away. Need some tips to prepare? We’ve got you covered. Check out our pro-sports host approved tips, and get yourself an exciting NBA watch party. Let’s get cracking!

✔ Start With a To-Do List

Even if your plan is a product of whim, don’t just get hell-bent on getting it executed. In fact, now that you are finally getting to host a watch party, it is better to do it just right. Hence, the best way to get started is to create a to-do list. List down everything from invitations to prep, décor, and food items. If you are planning to order the food, then note it down to get it done before the game, so no one is disturbed.

✔ Create a Whatsapp Group

You don’t need to go formal for invitations to watch parties. After all, you are inviting your friends over. So why not use technology to your advantage? Whatsapp groups have made things extremely easy and accessible. You don’t even have to message everyone individually to ask or invite. Create a Whatsapp group, throw in the invitations and let everyone carry the conversation themselves. Next thing you know, you will have friends showing up at your house with food, drinks, and even more friends.

✔ Prepare Your House for Guests

Now that you have a to-do list and the invitation has been sent out, its time you prep up your home for the guests. Remember, you will have your friends over. So unless any room or place is off-limits, you will have to prep everything to receive guests. If you have invited friends that have kids, prepare a room for the kids to play while you guys enjoy the game safely. Moreover, put away any valuables just in case. You don’t want anything going missing and spoiling the fun.

✔ Add Some Fun to the Candor

NBA games are pretty heated, and everyone has their favorite player and teams. So it only makes sense to have some casual game of your own on the table. From drinking games like beer pong and every time you take a shot, LeBron shoots. Stay informed with live NBA tipping information and have a little fun trying to bet with your gullible friends or the more competitive ones to intensify the fun at the watch party.

✔ What is A Party without Food?

No matter what the party is about, there is essentially no arty without food. Let alone a game night where everybody would be looking forward to having snacks and drinks paired on the go to watch the game, glued to the TV screens. Therefore, have pizzas, tacos, drinks, snacks, and other bite-size food items delivered at your place. Or if you enjoy cooking, you can prepare things yourself. Add in ice-cream sundaes for desserts with choclate sauce and whipped cream, and you are good to go.

✔ Don’t Forget To Enjoy

Last but not least, make a mental note to yourself that you will enjoy the evening too. Many people who host parties tend to get so occupied with attending to everyone that they forget to enjoy themselves. Your NBA game watch party isn’t for catering to everyone. In fact, it is primarily about getting friends together to watch a basketball game you all enjoy. So shun the formalities and enjoy the evening. Let’s everyone take care of themselves for once.

Wrap Up,

Watch parties are exceptional fun, especially if all your friends share the same love for the game. Basketball can be heated and intense but nothing that a group of friends won’t be able to enjoy together. So what are you waiting for? You have the idea and tips for executing the idea.

Get the party started right away. Cheers!

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