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MAC Bandwagon Podcast, ep. 93: Ball State great Ian McGarvey stops by!

The all-time leading scorer in the history of Ball State football looks back on the Cardinals magical 2008 season.

Illustration: James H. Jimenez; photos courtesy of Wikipedia Commons, James H. Jimenez, Kenneth Bailey

Welcome back inside the Bandwagon, folks!

This week, former Ball State kicker Ian McGarvey stops by to chat with the boys about Ball State’s undefeated 2008 season. McGarvey was the Cardinals kicker from 2007-2010, and is the all time leading scorer in program history.

There’s a lot we cover here, and anybody who followed the MAC at the time will remember a lot of what Ian discusses. From the Indiana game, which gave the Cardinals their signature victory but also saw them lose all-MAC performer Dante Love to a scary injury, to facing a Central Michigan squad led by Dan LeFevour and Antonio Brown, Ian covers all of the ups and downs of the season (including Brady Hoke departing for San Diego State afterwards).

This interview was so great that we decided to make it it’s own episode. Next week, we’ll be back to more of our regular programming, and will get you all caught up on MAC baseball and spring football.

Please don’t forget to subscribe to the pod on your favorite podcast platform - we don’t want you to miss anything! Have a great week folks, and we’ll see you back here next week!