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Toledo fans enjoy their sideline dunk tank, even in 30-degree snowy weather

Toledo’s sideline dunk tank has been a hit on campus. More on the Rockets’ newest tradition, which was a hit during midweek #MACtion:

Courtesy: ESPNU broadcast

The beloved time of year colloquially known as “midweek #MACtion” officially kicked off Tuesday night. While many families around the country celebrated Halloween through trick-or-treating, other fans funneled into the Glass Bowl in Toledo, OH to watch college football under the Tuesday night lights in the Midwest.

The atmosphere for Toledo’s home game against Buffalo featured copious amounts of snow with a sheet of white completely blanketing the field. To get an idea of what the atmosphere for the contest looked like, let’s just say it was difficult to see the field markings without substantial work from the shoveling crew.

This snowy weather didn’t stop Toledo from enjoying all of its typical rituals, however.

Back in September, Toledo added a new tradition to enhance the gameday atmosphere. After every touchdown scored at the Glass Bowl this year, one fan gets submerged in a dunk tank on the sideline — located right in front of the student section. Students are the usual participants, but the dunk tank has also invited coaches, members of the community, and former Toledo alums into its waters.

So how did this new tradition come about?

“Last spring we had different committee meetings to find ways to enhance our fan experience,” said Heather Lutz, Toledo’s Associate AD for Marketing, Sales & Fan Experience. “One of our breakout sessions was focused on things and games that we could do to create a ‘wow’ factor and create a buzz. A lot of ideas got thrown out on the table and up on the marker board and this was one that stuck. Everyone really liked the dunk tank idea.”

And this glorious dunk tank did not take the night off due to inclement weather Tuesday. Fans still utilized and enjoyed the dunk tank tradition in all its glory following each Toledo touchdown during the snowy midweek matchup against Buffalo.

“I think it shows how much our students and fans love the Rockets,” Lutz said, referencing the eagerness of students to participate in 30-degree weather. “They’re all about having fun. They just want to have a good time and they love to come out and support and show on national TV tonight what the Toledo Rockets are all about.”

The sideline dunk tank is already becoming a hit in Toledo. But watching a sideline dunk tank get utilized in the midst of snowstorm on national television is one of many reasons we love the uniqueness of midweek #MACtion.