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2023 NFL Draft MAC Prospect Tracker: Pre-Draft Period

The draft circuit continues apace, with a few changes here and there for various MAC prospects.

NFL Combine Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Official visits and the like have concluded for the draft cycle, as the NFL Draft is now less than a week away!

We’ve collected reports from several sources and placed them here, with interest noted dating back to February’s collegiate all-star games. The sources cited include,,, and various Twitter accounts.

All reports below are accurate as of April 22.

Karl Brooks, DL/DE, Bowling Green

  • Top 30 visits: Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Miami Dolphins, Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, Pittsburgh Steelers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Private workout: Detroit Lions

Brooks’s popularity league-wide is still explosive, as the Pittsburgh Steelers added Brooks to their list of visits prior to the end of the window. The Detroit Lions also added a private workout since we last checked in as well, which is something to note for the Lansing, Michigan native.

Jamal Turner, TE, Toledo

  • Informal meetings: Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers
  • Local Day visit: Detroit Lions

There’s been little change here for Turner outside of the local day visit, as these are the teams who have zeroed in on him in the draft process. Whether that’s for Day 3 or priority free agency will be determined over the weekend.

Thomas Incoom, EDGE, Central Michigan

  • Informal meetings: Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, Washington Commanders

No changes for Thomas Incoom here from last time either, but the projected Day 2-3 draft pick should draw plenty of interest for teams looking for cheap edge help. The three listed above have officially talked with Incoom, but the fits for the Chargers and 49ers could put him on their boards as well.

Desjuan Johnson, EDGE, Toledo

  • Informal meetings: Cincinnati Bengals, Los Angeles Rams, Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers
  • Private visits: Detroit Lions, Kansas City Chiefs
  • Local Day visit: Detroit Lions

Desjuan Johnson has been a popular guy since the Combine period, pulling in visits from a number of contending teams who are looking for cheap depth options along the defensive line. Cincinnati entered the conversation recently, but the Chiefs and Lions are the two teams who have done the most work on Johnson so far, having been in on his process from the start.

Jose Ramirez, EDGE, Eastern Michigan

  • Informal meetings: Kansas City Chiefs, Las Vegas Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Local Day visit: Detroit Lions
  • Reported interest: Cleveland Browns, New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles

Ramirez has been one of the top names for selection in Rounds 6-7 since he showed out in the NFL Combine, and has taken advantage of it, reeling in at least four teams for visits/meetings and being on the radar for others. The only change from the last update is his local visit with Detroit.

Nic Jones, cornerback, Ball State

  • Informal meetings: Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers
  • Local Day visit: Detroit Lions

Jones’ recruitment was a bit of a mystery at last check, and it honestly still is. To this point, we’ve only been able to confirm two teams on Jones’ radar in the 49ers and Lions. Detroit has been very chatty with Jones, a Detroit native who projects as a nickel, having met with him at his pro day, the combine and the local day.

Lew Nichols III, RB, Central Michigan

  • Top 30 visits: Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers
  • Local Day visits: Detroit Lions

Now that he has healed from a hamstring injury suffered just before CMU Pro Day, Nichols’ market has been pretty hot, with four teams all meeting with the power back after his individual workout on Apr. 10. All four teams in the mix are in need of a second or third back in the near future who excels at going north-south, which makes former MAC Offensive Player of the Year a popular guy thanks to his potential Day 3-priority free agent value.

Cole Tucker, WR, Northern Illinois

  • Top 30 visits: Green Bay Packers
  • Local Day visit: Chicago Bears

Tucker was a dependable receiver at NIU, and his surprisingly physical tape has at least two teams intrigued enough to see what he’s got. A DeKalb native who went to NIU, Tucker was eligible for and took a local day visit to Chicago, while he also took a Top 30 with Green Bay, who is in dire need of receivers in his archetype.

Joel Wilson, TE, Central Michigan

  • Top 30 visit: San Francisco 49ers
  • Private workout: San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers have seemingly focused their late-round TE efforts on Joel Wilson after expressing interest in fellow MAC TE Jamal Turner earlier in the cycle. Wilson was a standout at NFLPA Collegiate Bowl practice sessions and turned in a decent performance in the East-West Shrine game. A number of circumstances put him in the Day 3-priority free agent range, but in other years, he might be a Day 2 target.

Taylor Powell, QB, Eastern Michigan

  • Local Day visit: Detroit Lions

Powell moved around a lot in college, but found a home at EMU, where he helped lead the Eagles to a share of the MAC West title. The Fayetteville, Arkansas native is rewarded for his efforts with a local visit with the nearby Lions, who are looking at developmental QBs.

Dylan Drummond, WR, Eastern Michigan

  • Local Day visit: Detroit Lions

One of three Eagles to take advantage of the Lions being a local day option, Drummond was a vertical threat receiver who showed up in key moments over the last two seasons. With both receiving and special teams expertise, Drummond is worth a kick of the tires.

Yo’Heinz Tyler, WR, Ball State

  • Local Day visits: Indianapolis Colts, New Orleans Saints

New Orleans native Yo’Heinz Tyler was a rare two-fer for local day visits, getting invited by both his hometown Saints and the Indianapolis Colts for evaluation. Tyler was a steadfast feature of the Cardinals receiving attack over five seasons, and could be a Day 3 or priority free agent selection.

Justin Marshall, WR, Buffalo

  • Private workouts: Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills
  • Local Day visit: Buffalo Bills

Marshall, a Louisville transfer from Conyers, Georgia, has local connections with both the pro teams who have met with him. The Bills have done the most work on him to date, with both a private workout and a local day visit. Marshall had a great two-year span as a receiver and could be a sneaky UDFA acquisition.

Nico Bolden, SAF, Kent State

  • Private workout: Minnesota Vikings

Bolden is an elite athlete, sitting at a 8.79 Relative Atheltic Score, and that has caught the attention of the Minnesota Vikings, who have to look forward in the defensive backfield while navigating salary cap concerns.

Shemar Thornton, WR, Northern Illinois

  • Private workout: Miami Dolphins

The former Florida International Panther had someone looking out for him in Miami, as he managed to wrangle a private workout with the Dolphins. The Miami native didn’t have the season he was hoping for at NIU, but his FIU tenure showed a speedy vertical threat receiver who was also handy to have on special teams.

Quian Williams, WR, Buffalo

  • Local Day visit: Buffalo Bills

Quian Williams is a back-to-back third-team all-MAC selection, who has shown production as a starter over four seasons at two schools in the same conference. The Oklahoma City native earned a local day visit with the Bills for his efforts.