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Hustle Belt articles to feature on Mobile #MACtion phone app

Rejoice, dear readers: now we can send you push notifications!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 08 Eastern Michigan at Western Michigan
What is this fine gentleman looking at during this WMU football game? Why, at that Mobile #MACtion App, of course! (This photo is from the future, don’t question it.)

Good news, everyone: we’re going mobile!

Well, yeah, we already have a Twitter presence and we can be accessed anywhere in the world via the internet, but we’re adding a new route tree to the arsenal starting in August: push notifications directly to your phone!

How will we accomplish that?

It’s all thanks to an original app created by our good friends Alex Scheer, AJ Ruffing and Faith Steinbacher over at the College Sports Connection Podcast. Our RSS news feed will sync with their app software and send notifications to your phone whenever we publish a piece on the website.

It will be an invaluable service, especially as the social media landscape starts to become a bit more unsteady. Information and social links to all 12 programs, as well as pieces from us and various other sources will also appear on the app, giving you access to all the #MACtion you could ever handle on your fingertips.

Live scores and standings for all sports hosted by the MAC will also be featured, as well as a rivalry tracker (currently football only), so you can look up quick facts about the teams in a dash. The app is even currently working on a travel companion, so you can plan your experiences on the road if you ever find yourself in one of the 12 towns which make up the conference map.

Check out some screenshots below in this little gallery: (Images are of a beta version and could be subject to change.)

The app will be available on both Android and Apple devices, is fully customizable, and most importantly: it’s all completely free!

A full launch for the app is currently expected at or around late August, just in time for Week 0 action between Ohio and San Diego State. We will update this article when it launches on both mobile stores and share on social media when the app goes live so you can download it!

This has been something the CSC Podcast and ourselves have been discussing for close to a half-year now, so it’s exciting to finally get it going.

We look forward to working with the CSC Podcast on making #MACtion more accessible, and implore you to download the app when it launches if you want to help support both our writers and the folks over at CSC.

Please give them a follow on Twitter over at @CollegeSportPod for more updates on the app!