MAC future / expansion / creating opportunities

Where college athletics and future realignment exist the MAC has no place to go but to be itself. With a 12 team CFB playoff coming up we now have an opportunity but limited at best to a 10-12 seed OK better than where we are but realistically with scheduling politics that will be our glass ceiling and that is where we will live. Selling out for Mid week MACTION can be the undoing of even a 10-12 seed shot for the 20 pieces of silver. Playoff money will be a much bigger number and the MAC will need to address what in the way of scheduling can advance our chances to get there. Perhaps moving MACTION to October and allowing important November games on Saturday afternoons which by their very nature should boost home attendance. Eliminating rivalry games on weeknight MACTION. Outside of the MAC footprint no one knows who or what are long term rivalry games. The viewing audience (TV) are either locals who love their team but chose to avoid the elements and the comfort of big screen. Nuff said there.

Basketball and moving from 1 bid to two or more. Make the regular season champion the automatic bid. Use the tournament to advance a potential number two. This process for both men's and women's hoops.

A concerted conference wide effort to improve non conference scheduling. So here's a thought...Bring UMass and UConn in for football ( I k now . How does that improve football and the answer is it really doesn't but they are the remaining independents since New Mexico State has found a conference. We already know that UMass and UConn will never bring basketball programs to the MAC that is a given. BUT if they agreed the price for a football home is a basketball scheduling agreement four games per year two home two road, rotating annually so current 12 members get a game every 3 years (if my math is correct) that in itself would be a schedule boost for the power rating bottom line.

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