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2015 Akron Football Recruiting: DE Wayne Clarington Decommits from Akron

The Akron Zips have been very quiet on the recruiting trail as they had only one commit so far in their 2015 recruiting class. Well, they got even quieter as their only commit, defensive end Wayne Clarington, decommited from Akron on Tuesday Night.

Clarington confirmed the decommitment on Twitter:

This leaves the Zips with no commitments in their 2015 recruiting class, however, Coach Bowden is known for using gray shirts on recruits so this could be a reason for the lack of commitments. Although it is only June and signing day is still light years away(or at least it feels that way with so many decommitments) , this may be a tough pill to swallow especially since other MAC schools have been experiencing great recruiting success recently.