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Caleb Porter Leads MLS All-Stars to 2-1 win over Bayern Munich

Former Akron coach Caleb Porter led the MLS All-Stars to a surprise win over Bundesliga and UEFA giant Bayern Munich on Wednesday.

Caleb Porter in front of the All-Stars bench during the All-Star game.
Caleb Porter in front of the All-Stars bench during the All-Star game.
Susan Ragan-USA TODAY Sports

Former Akron men's soccer coach Caleb Porter led the MLS All-Stars to a 2-1 win over European giants Bayern Munich on Wednesday night.

The MLS All-Star game was held at Providence Park in Portland, home to Porter's Portland Timbers, and was an opportunity for Porter to show off his tactical knowledge and soccer acumen to a national audience.

But Porter appeared unfazed by the pressure that was placed on him, pacing up and down the field in his usual fashion as if it was just another home game in Providence Park for his Timbers squad.

A few players, including Real Salt Lake goalkeeper Nick Rimando, complimented Porter's coaching tactics and gave the former Akron coach credit for giving the team its shape and "doing everything right."

The crowd was also impressed with Porter's efforts, as chants of "Ca-leb Por-ter," broke out on several occasions during the game.

And it was an exciting game, with newcomer to Bavaria, Robert Lewandowski, opening the scoring with a half-volleyed effort into the top of the net in the 8th minute after being played in by Rafinha.

The score stayed at 1-0 in Bayern's favor going into half-time, but Porter's changes in the second half proved to be too much for the Bavarian giants to handle, as Bradley Wright Phillips brought one back in the 47th minute before Landon Donovan scored the winner in the 70th.

The game was also a chance to evaluate Porter's former player at Akron, DeAndre Yedlin. And the right back was largely impressive during his time on the pitch.

The former Zip seemed to be playing to justify all the pressure and praise that has been placed on his back after his breakout World Cup performances and maybe prove some of those rumors about him moving to Tottenham weren't so outlandish.

But regardless of their performances, each of the players had to return to their home team after the game and, although it was impressive, push the All-Star game out of their head and focus, again, on club soccer.

With the regular season beginning to to reach it's climax and the playoffs looming for the MLS teams, Porter has much to do if his Timbers are to be a force in the postseason, or even make the playoffs at all in the competitive Western Conference.

But with a Western Conference Championship, an NCAA title from his days at Akron and a new MLS All-Stars win, Porter appears to have an abundance of evidence to back himself up as one of the league's best coaches and certainly one of the best the MAC has ever seen.