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Demetrius Treadwell is playing basketball again - as a professional

Treadwell signed a professional contract and won't be playing in college anymore.

Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

Demetrius "Tree" Treadwell is back to playing basketball - but not in another college's jersey.

Treadwell signed a contract with Estudiantes Concordia, a professional team in Argentina, a couple of days ago. Estudiantes play in Liga A, the top basketball league in the country. Interestingly enough, on of his new teammates is Titus Robinson, who played at Buffalo from 2008-12.

In his first game, a 74-72 loss, Treadwell put up a double-double with 19 points and 11 rebounds. That's not surprising, especially to those who remember him well during his time in the MAC.

Treadwell joins a long list of former Zips now playing in the pros around the world. Those include Nikola Cvetinovic (Spain), Nate Linhart (Israel), Chris McKnight (Sweden), Zeke Marshall (Lebanon), Dru Joyce (Germany), Romeo Travis (Russia), and Jeremiah Wood (Argentina).