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Brian Walsh, Pat Forsythe struck with flu; Deji Ibitayo also out

Just what they needed: a haymaker to their depth chart! According to Turner Sports' Rachel Nichols, guard Brian Walsh and backup center Pat Forsythe came down with a nasty flu, and Walsh had to spend the night in the hospital. Not to be outdone, Deji Ibitayo may not play due to back spasms.

Worst case, all three don't play and that would leave the Zips with seven in their rotation: Zeke Marshall, Demetrius Treadwell, Nick Harney, Jake Kretzer, Chauncey Gilliam, Reggie McAdams, and Carmelo Betancourt. I have to think that Walsh and Forsythe will muster up anything they can to play.

Walsh has started most of their games, so that would be big loss if his minutes are limited. Ibitayo and Forsythe play about 11 minutes per game apiece, so if either were unable to go it would not be a huge loss, but departures at the bottom of the depth chart would be felt at the top — especially if Marshall needs a breather or suffers foul trouble and Forsythe isn't there to keep size in the lineup.

But this is now the Akron identity: something happens to them and they gotta figure something out. Have at it, Dambrot.