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Akron cornerback Seth Cunningham arrested for robbing a tobacco store

The senior cornerback has been suspended by Zips football.

One of Seth Cunningham's nine tackles last season.
One of Seth Cunningham's nine tackles last season.

Hey, more news out of Akron! This time it's an arrest and suspension on the football team. Senior cornerback Seth Cunningham reportedly robbed a 24-hour tobacco store at gunpoint in nearby Brunswick, Ohio, getting away with something called a "water pipe" valued at about $500, and later he confessed to holding up the store.

I am not entirely certain what store it was, but they mention it located on Pearl Road, and this is the only tobacco store that comes up in Brunswick on Pearl Road on Google Maps. "Discount Cigarette Mart." For all your discount cigarette needs.

Cunningham had a chance to start some games in his upcoming senior year, given the departures of Avis Commack and Micklos Blake. He had one pass breakup and nine tackles last season (and somehow USA Today has a photo of one of them!) (no, seriously!) but the Fox TV article mentions him as a "star." He's not quite a starter, so I suppose glyphically this is accurate. But if he is going to miss any time this upcoming season, I am not seeing this being a huge impact. Next man up, whoever it may be.

I'm so sorry, Zips fans. You'll always have soccer.