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Looking For Coverage Just About Your MAC Team?

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Blake Banham earns scholarship with EMU

As a redshirt-sophomore, Banham now will be on scholarship.

Future non-conference schedule tracker

We'll keep this thing updated as non-conference opponents are announced & scheduled for all 12 teams.

Antwan Dixon to miss 2016

He wants to breaks some of Dri Archer's records, but unfortunately he'll have to miss his true sophomore year with a blood disorder.

EMU to wear diamond plate in unis at The Factory

The Eagles have new treads to wear at their home games this season.

Ball State gives walk-on player a scholarship

A walk-on since 2012, Ball State defensive end finally receives the scholarship that he's earned.

Will somebody dethrone BGSU in the East?

All this talk about the MAC West, but what about the division w/ the reigning MAC champs?

The Belt picks WMU & Ohio for Detroit

Could they end their MAC Championship game droughts?

WMU needs a banner year to reach 'elite' status

MAC media preseason polls will be out this week, and we can all take a wild guess at which team could have the highest expectations.

CMU has pretty good odds to win the West, actually

With Cooper Rush and other key pieces coming back, this is a team worth entertaining to win their division.