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Western Michigan alum, University of Minnesota grad student. I'm really big on college football and hockey. Full fledged fan of the MAC now, but was raised watching the Big Ten.

Football Offseason Boredom Part 3: A More Equitable CFB Playoff

We’re all in the same FBS family, aren’t we?

Football Offseason Boredom, Part 2: Brand New Conferences for Everybody

You’re playing everybody near you and you’ll like it.

Football Offseason Boredom, Part 1: Blowup the divisions

Who needs those pesky divisions anyway?

Football Offseason Boredom: Rearranging the game

We’re about to start a little project you might enjoy. It involves football and anarchy, everyone’s favorite two things.

Cotton Bowl Halftime Update: WMU 7 - Wisconsin 17

Broncos respond to early Wisconsin drives

2016 Week 10 Preview: #17 Western Michigan Broncos at Ball State Cardinals

Midweek #MACtion is back in the West!

North Carolina Central Eagles vs Western Michigan Broncos Football Preview

Football’s back at Waldo!

2016 MAC Player Countdown #2: Corey Davis, WR, WMU

Heading for the record books and the NFL, what's he going to show us this last season at Western?

Still much to play for as EMU hosts Western

Nobody's out of the woods in the MAC West yet, and EMU and WMU are also playing for in-state bragging rights.

Yikes, Western and BGSU both really need a win

Combined these teams are win-less in their last seven games. But somebody is winning on Saturday!