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Scott Secor named a semifinalist for Lou Groza Award

Bowling Green Piles It On In the Second Half

It was all field goals in the first half but escalated to touchdowns in the second as Bowling Green and Akron battled in the rain for the MAC East lead.

Belts Beer Garden

We've got more beers you should be drinking!

Belt's Beer Garden: Fear the Beer!

Time for Carter and I to drink two more craft beers and let you, our valued reader, know just how good (or bad) they are. It's our civic duty after all.

It's Happy Hour Belt's Beer Garden

We're trying new beers just to bring you our evaluation! Yeah, it's a tough assignment, but we'll make sure it gets done.

EMU Came Out Strong Against Akron But Faded Fast

It was close for a quarter. It was close for a half. Then it wasn't close at all. EMU doomed themselves with a miserably bad third quarter.

An Ugly Sloppy Mess of a Game

They didn't set an all-time record for penalties in Akron today, but the Zips and the Thundering Herd made a decent go at it.

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EMU football entrance video goes viral, fits lazy media narrative

EMU Cruises Past CMU 64-42

With a solid second-half performance, EMU easily defeated Central Michigan and secured at least a share of the Aluminum Compass.

Northern Illinois-Toledo Series… Rivalry… Thing…

In preparation for tonight's showdown in the Glass Bowl, we've examined the history of the series between the Toledo Rockets and the Northern Illinois Huskies. For the fourth straight year they meet with the MAC West on the line.