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Mid-American Mondays: Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

A Slack conversation about this weird conference

Mid-American Mondays: Expecting the expected?

We ended this week seeing a lot of what was expected. It makes for a hard week to come up with a fun topic for Mid-American Mondays, so here are a few surprises and under the radar successes from the MAC.

Mid-American Mondays: A Little Bit of Everything

Justin and Kaleb discuss a week full of surprising results

Mid American Mondays: First Half Surprises

Surprise! It’s a night edition of Mid American Mondays, and this week we’re talking about surprises for each team

Mid-American Mondays: Do We Know Anything?

All but two teams have gotten their first MAC game out of the way, but did it really teach us anything?

Bobcats defense strong in win over Miami

There were two offensive touchdowns scored and the Battle of the Bricks was a defensive affair.

Mid-American Mondays: Hate week

Three rivalry games jumpstart a week of MAC openers for several teams. See why we hate on your favorite squad.

Mid-American Mondays: the best .25 backs

There's a very real possibility that Cooper Rush isn't the best quarterback in the MAC.

Mid-American Mondays: Explosions or Implosions

Teams did good things. Teams did bad things. We overgeneralize about it and stuff.


We've all known for years now that the MAC West consistently fields stronger teams than the East. It's particularly glaring now.