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Dynasty match-up: NIU '10-'15 vs Marshall '97-'02

Both teams will have six straight MAC championship games on their resume after this Friday. However, which school had the best run as king of the conference?

Northern Illinois vs. Buffalo: How to watch

Let the Ryan Graham legacy begin!

Come dethrone the king

While Toledo seeks perfection, Northern Illinois seeks permanence.

NIU vs. Miami: Talkin' that sMACk.

Will Drew Hare and co. come out running and gunning as we expect?

The end of NIU's offensive troubles?

The Huskies have found their new offensive line in over their heads at times. Is a small change in the formation a part of the problem?

NIU has questions. OSU has answers.

Hustle Belt reached out to Land Grant Holy Land to find out the Huskies chances.

A Rebel writer's view of UNLV vs. NIU.

We ask Keith Scheesele at Mountain West Connection about UNLV vs. NIU.

#13 - Drew Hare (QB - NIU)

Hare of the dogs. Drew Hare is going from good to great.

Can these NIU rookies make it to the NFL?

Four NIU rookies are vying for a spot on an NFL roster. See which ones and what their chances look like!

NIU Huskie Bowl Recap

While the offense was out of sorts, there's still plenty of talent to like.