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Ball State Athletic Director Bill Scholl Hired At Marquette

The Cardinals' AD of 2 and a half years is on his way to Milwaukee.


Bill Scholl has accepted a job offer to become the athletic director and vice president of Marquette University, thus leaving Muncie after a relatively brief stint as the head of athletics for the Cardinals. Marquette announced his hiring Tuesday morning, and he will take over in mid-October.

His run with the Cardinals was impressive for the two years he spent at the top of the program. He oversaw runs to the postseason ten times throughout his stint with the program, including two postseason berths for football and women's basketball. The two programs on the diamond were each victorious in the MAC under Scholl, adding to the mark he will leave on Cardinal athletics.

Scholl previously worked at his alma mater Notre Dame for 23 years before taking the job at Ball State in April 2012. He worked at multiple positions for the Irish, including assistant, associate, and deputy athletic director while in South Bend.

Marquette's decision to hire Scholl, or anybody at the AD spot has been a long time coming, as the Golden Eagles have not had a person fully in charge of the athletic program since late last year.

Ball State has not made any public comment on who will permanently or temporarily take over for Scholl once he officially departs.

You can read the release sent out by Ball State's athletic program on Scholl's departure here.