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Belt’s Beer Garden: Back At It Again...

with Heist Brewery’s Daaank Daniel - a hazy Pale Ale

Heist Brewery began as Charlotte, North Carolina’s only brewpub when they opened their doors in 2012. Eight years later and a lot has changed as Charlotte, and North Carolina in general, have become one of the nation’s best producers of beer.

Originally they focused on small batch Belgian and German-style brews before expanding their range in 2016 and introducing the state’s first hazy IPA - CitraQuench’l. It wasn’t just their beer portfolio they’ve expanded, as they opened a second location as well a few years back.

Today I have a beer that throws it back a few years, back to 2016 no less, with their Daaank Daniel. This pale ale was brewed with Amarillo, Chinook, and Simcoe hops and then double dry-hopped with Chinook, Mosaic, Simcoe, and some Vic Secret hops to soften it out. It has a 5.8% ABV and the cans cost $6 each. It was canned on 10/2 and this was written on 11/19.

The beer poured a very cloudy, bright orange color with just over a finger of sticky off-white head building up. The dense foam slowly fades down, lacing the glass as it does so, but never goes beneath half a finger.

On the nose this pale ale is quite dank, as one would expect after seeing the name. But joining that hoppy dankness is a nice blend of tropical fruits. Guava, pineapple and a pithy grapefruit lead the way and create a soft and inviting aroma.

My first sip started with just a small rush of carbonation before the flavors really began to appear.

Up first is some of that tropical fruit, with guava and grapefruit hitting first. But, as the beer progresses (and it does so rather quickly), the hops change course and introduce some earthy flavors and a bit of spice.

The hops bring in notes black pepper, pine, and some herbal notes that blend with the fruit to create an intriguing and tasty combination that really showcases everything that hops can do.

An interesting feature of Daaank Daniel comes around the midway point as you can literally feel all the moisture getting sucked out of your mouth, resulting in a very dry finish...instant cottonmouth.

Lingering on the backend is a grapefruit rind and citrusy, lemon flavor that requires a sip of water (or a few mouth smacks) to get rid of.

I love the flavors here. It’s such a delicious brew with a whole slew of flavors that will make every palate happy. Like tropical fruit? Check. Like weed/dankness? Check. Like earthy/piney brews? Check.

It has it all.

The only drawback is just how damn dry it is at the end. But that’s easy to remedy. A well made, very delicious Pale Ale.

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