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Belt’s Beer Garden: Smooth as Silk

Chapman’s Super Smooth: Guava

Chapman Crafted Beer hails from Orange, California (a southern suburb of LA, next to Anaheim). They have been around for a few years now and were recently featured by Craft Beer and Brewing as a Breakout Brewer.

They’re still very difficult to find outside of the LA area but I was able to snag a can from their Super Smooth series.

Super Smooth is a milkshake IPA series that features different fruits/additions. They’ve had combinations like boysenberry and vanilla, orange creamsicle, and even coffee (which has me very intrigued).

However, the one I have today features guava and is, naturally, called Super Smooth: Guava. It’s brewed with Amarillo, Galaxy, and Loral hops with lactose and pink guava added in. Each can has a 7.1% ABV and cost me $6.50, although I’m sure Californians can find it for cheaper. It was packaged on 1/29/2020 and this review was written on 3/26/2020.

This Milkshake IPA poured a somewhat cloudy golden straw color with minimal head building up. No more than half a finger of eggshell white foam appeared and, what did show up, quickly fizzled down into a thin ring around the edge of the glass.

The aroma is a blend of hops and tropical fruit. The juicy guava is certainly noticeable but the hops also add some notes of melon, papaya, and mango. Behind the fruit lies a bit of flaked grains that adds some hints of cereal.

Upon taking my first sip, the carbonation nips at my tongue with a bit of a hum before the beer’s flavors really get going.

Hitting first is a juicy burst of sweet guava that comes with a bit of tartness. Arriving near the same time is a light biter hop twinge and some grassy, earthy, and fruity flavors.

The hops add some pithy grapefruit, melon, papaya characteristics as well as a lemongrass-like resin that sticks to the tongue. The malt peaks out for just a brief moment about midway through with that light cereal-esque sweetness before quickly falling as the next round of hoppy flavors swells.

Then there is one final push of tropical fruits, as the guava pops once more, and the beer begins to fade. It ends with a dash of dryness and a tiny bit of the lemongrass and grapefruit rind lingering for a few moments afterwards.

There was almost no lactose noticeable, nor was it very sweet or “milkshake-y”. But, rather, this drank more like a fruited West Coast. However, it was still quite tasty and difficult to put down.

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