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Belt’s Beer Garden: To Infinity & Beyond!

Infinite Mmm...osa - a double IPA with oranges from Equilibrium & 3 Sons Brewing

Equilibrium Brewing, out of Middletown, New York, is one of the Empire State’s most well known and sought after breweries.

With a long history of studying environmental engineering at MIT, the guys at Equilibrium look to combine “Research and Inspiration to balance drinkability with massive flavor” in all their beers and that has led to a massive nation-wide following.

Their taproom, which is 90 minutes from both NYC and Albany, features 22 drafts and a pair of nitro lines, along with local wines, ciders, and a kitchen for hungry folk.

They aren’t always available in my area so, when I find their beers, I know better than to pass them up.

Recently they teamed up with Florida’s 3 Sons Brewing to amplify their Mmm...osa and create a stronger version called Infinite Mmm...osa.

While Mmm...osa is a juicy Pale Ale, Infinite Mmm..osa, the version I have today, is a Double IPA. For Infinite Mmm...osa they took the same hop bill, ramped it up, and then conditioned the beer on Florida Navel Oranges. It clocks in at 8% ABV and was packaged on September 9th. A four-pack of 16-ounce cans cost $20.

This DIPA poured a hazy amber orange color with just about a finger of offwhite head appearing on top. Floating around the beer was a slew of sediment that slowly began to settle towards the bottom of the glass.

The aroma was straight up orange and nothing else. It was super sweet, insanely juicy, and very inviting. Underneath the orange there were some notes of flaked wheat/oat, a small hop twinge, and a hint of booze but, for the most part, it was all OJ.

My first sip began with a slight tingle of carbonation and light hop bite but, as the smell had foretold, almost immediately my taste buds were hit with a kick of orange.

That juicy orange carried through for the entirety of the sip with very little wavering. However, after a few moments, the flaked malts provided some additional cereal-like sweetness that complimented the orange rather than take over the flavor.

The hops also provided a bitter tingle and that 8% ABV gave off a slight alcohol burn in my chest and towards the back of my throat. It wasn’t much but just enough to emulate that off an actual mimosa.

It finishes mostly clean. There is a slightly dry, sticky feeling left behind and lingering aftertaste of citrus rind but otherwise it’s a real easy going finish.

If Infinite Mmm...osa is this damn good I can’t even imagine how good their lighter, usual version of Mmm...osa is. I now need to find that one as well. Great stuff here and a perfect way to start off your morning (or afternoon/evening if you want to wait...but why would you?).

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