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Belt’s Beer Garden: Are You Ready for Some Football (Beer)?

Football Beer, from Wiley Roots, is the perfect companion for the MAC Championship Game tomorrow.

With the MAC Championship Game coming up tomorrow at noon (or at 11 am if you’re a Huskie fan watching at home), you might need a beer to start your day off with. Well...I found the perfect one from Wiley Roots - Football Beer, an American Lager.

Wiley Roots Brewing Company calls Greely, Colorado home and has been brewing delicious beers for eight years now, opening their doors in 2013. They have won numerous awards worldwide and, in four of the eight years they have been open, they have earned a medal at the Great American Beer you know they’re legit.

Football Beer is their fall/winter Lager brewed during football season to be a fan’s best friend during tailgates. I couldn’t find a whole lot about what’s in it as far as malts/hops but I do know it features a 5% ABV and costs $12 for a four-pack of 16-ounce cans.

This lager poured a slightly cloudy golden straw color with about a finger of bright, white head topping the beer. The bubbles quickly fizzled away, leaving a thin ring around the edge of the glass.

On the nose, Football Beer was light and crisp with big notes of flaked wheat. While the aroma is dominated by the grains, giving off a cereal-like quality to it, there is also a light citrus aspect that features notes of lemon/lemon zest.

Each sip begins with a light and pleasantly creamy mouthfeel. The flavors start off quite subtle but slowly build over the next few seconds.

The grains continue their dominance and it’s a biscuity, cereal flavor that builds. The wheat also gives off some crackery vibes.

As with the aroma, there is the smallest hint of citrus in the taste as well. The fruit flavor in this beer is so minuscule it’s very similar to the fruit flavors in LaCroix water…”a hint of a hint of lemon” or just enough to make this stand out from a typical lager.

The hops, which are responsible for that light lemon zest flavor, also bring a zip of bitterness towards the back end of the sip which is quickly overpowered by the malt. It’s just enough to remind you that hops are included in every style of beer.

Football Beer finishes crisp and clean. There is some dryness after everything finishes but it’s quickly remedied with another swig. It’s a very easy drinking beer.

I’m not usually a big fan of lagers but this one has me rethinking my opinions on the style. While I still love an IPA, this is a perfect tailgating beer for those going to Detroit tomorrow for the MAC Championship Game.

Hell, a pack of Football Beer will be on my list of things to bring to all future NIU/football games. A delicious, tasty, yet light, lager that won’t fill you up or leave you blacked out before kickoff.

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