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Belt’s Beer Garden: Macch Draft

Caramel Macchiato Stout from 903 Brewers

903 Brewers has quickly become the must-have brewery from the Lone Star State. The Sherman, Texas brewery took its name from one of the city’s area codes and began back in 2013. And they wasted no time breaking onto the craft beer scene. Their The Chosen One Coconut Ale and Roo’s Red Ale got people talking before their Sasquatch Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout brought home the gold medal at the 2015 Great American Beer Festival.

I have heard about and seen a few of their brews come through my area but had never tried one until today.

Sitting at my local store was a single can of their Caramel Macchiato Stout which sounded amazing. This stout was flavored with coffee, vanilla, and caramel and comes with an 8.7% ABV. The 12-ounce can cost $4.50.

This stout poured a jet black color with about a finger of tannish brown head topping the beer. The foam quickly disappears to a razor thin ring around the edge of the glass with a wisp or two floating in the middle.

The smell of roasted coffee flowed out of the glass. A hint of caramel and vanilla sweetness could be picked up as well but it was the coffee that really dominated the aroma. In fact, if I didn’t know this was a beer I would 100% for sure think I had a java drink in front of me.

My first sip started with a thinner, more watery mouthfeel and just a tiny flash of carbonation before the flavors really began to pop. And, in a twist from the aroma, it was the caramel and vanilla that struck first.

A very sweet, slightly sticky, flavor of vanilla and caramel led the assault on my taste buds. But it wasn’t long before the coffee began to slowly appear and overtake the sweeter notes.

Midway through there was a slight bitterness that began to sit at the back of my throat as the coffee uprising began. A burnt/roasted bean characteristic clung to my tongue, joining that sticky caramel taste from the beginning of the sip.

The brew slowly faded away and ended rather cleanly. There was a twinge of coffee and caramel that lingered on for a few moments afterwards but, for the most part, it was a light and very crushable stout.

That easy drinkability made this a dangerous beer because, at 8.7%, it’s no slouch in the alcohol department. And, yet, the booze was hidden entirely!

This was my first 903 beer but it certainly won’t be my last. This stout was absolutely delicious.

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