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Belt’s Beer Garden: Tre Bien!

Trejo’s Cerveza, a delicious Mexican Lager

If you’re a movie buff, odds are you’ve seen Danny Trejo at some point. He’s been featured in huge projects like From Dusk Till Dawn, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Spy Kids, and, of course, Machete.

As a big movie guy, and a big fan of Trejo’s as well, when I found a beer that adorned the grizzled actor’s name and face, I didn’t even hesitate…the beer was in my cart immediately.

Trejo’s Cerveza, a Mexican Lager, was brewed by Burbank, California’s Lincoln Beer Company. The beer is brewed with two types of malt (Pilsner & Munich), rice, flaked maize, and a pair of hops (Magnum & Tettnang). A four-pack of pints costs $11 with each 16-ounce can featuring a 4.7% ABV. You can find the brew across Arizona, California, Nevada, Ohio, and Texas.

The beer poured a bright and clear golden straw color with about two fingers of pure white head topping it off. The foam quickly fizzles away, leaving just a thin ring of bubbles around the edge of the glass and a few clouds across the top.

On the nose, it was light and crisp with the rice and flaked grains leading the way. It mostly reminded me of Rice Krispies but with a slight twist, as the hops added a touch of lemon and some grassy undertones to it.

My first sip started with some moderate carbonation that fizzled across my taste buds before quickly clearing out and making way for the actual beer flavors. The lemon hit first with some tart juiciness (the tartness is very, very minimal) before the rice, maize, and malt joined in.

The grist gave off those cereal-like notes along with some lighter biscuity/bready qualities as well. And, midway through, there is a nice sweetness to the brew, that lemon kick reappearing, that lasts for a nice while before slowly fading away.

On the back end of the brew, there is a light grassy characteristic that adds a bit of resin to the mouthfeel. The brew, which at one point was super light, gets a little sticky after a few sips due to that grassy resin but it’s nothing too bad at all and a quick swig of water washes it away.

Other than that lingering resinous feeling that appears every four sips or so, Trejo’s Cerveza ends super clean.

I am not a lager drinker. I think it’s been known here for a while that I prefer hops and then more hops. But this lager is insanely refreshing, super crushable, and honestly one of the best lagers I’ve had in a VERY long time.

Give me this one any day of the week and twelve times on Saturday (during football season).

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