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Belt’s Beer Garden: Chairman of the Board

Evil Twin’s Chairman Marlon is simply amazing

Evil Twin has been world renowned for quite some time now…even before their two locations opened up in NYC (one in Queens and one in Brooklyn). And they do it all; creating unique smoothie-style sours, oak-aged lagers, pastry seltzers, hazy/hoppy beers, barrel-aged stouts and any and everything in between.

Today I have one of their higher ABV brews - a bold Quadruple IPA named Chairman Marlon, after the cat that runs their brewery with an iron paw. This Quad was double dry-hopped with Riwaka, Citra, & Comet hops and features a MASSIVE 12% ABV. It was a bit more, costing just over $8 for the 16-ounce can but, with an ABV that high…it’s basically two beers in one.

Chairman Marlon poured a cloudy and dark straw color that boarderlined on deep orange. Two full fingers of fluffy off-white head topped the beer. The foam lingered for a few moments but finally faded down into a small accumulation around the edges. There was a nice amount of lacing left behind, creating a thick, solid webbing of bubbles around the entirety of the glass.

The aroma was heavy and juicy with a solid combination of grist and hops. There were some fruity notes of grapefruit, orange, and guava with some pithy characteristics going along with those. The malt added some breadiness and a touch of caramel sweetness to the nose. The booze was hidden entirely, making it a rather inviting 12% QIPA.

The beer has a soft and thicker body to it, with each sip starting off rather quietly and subtly. There is no flash of carbonation but, rather, the flavors slowly begin to crawl forward - stealthy like ninjas.

It’s the citrus notes that appear first with some light tangerine and grapefruit appearing after the first moment or two. But, as with the smell, the tastes are quiet and subtle. There is no big pop of hops or boozy burn. It’s an incredibly easy-drinking beer.

The grains offer up some moderate notes of caramel and biscuits but, for the most part, are as quiet as the hops. They do add just enough to balance out the beer with some sweetness and add to the ridiculous drinkability of this Quadruple IPA.

There is a slightly pithy grapefruit peel flavor that swells as the sip goes on and is, by far, the most prevalent flavor in Chairman Marlon. However, there is very little bitterness to it, nor is there that sticky resinous quality that can happen in higher ABV brews.

It’s a shockingly clean finish to a shockingly crushable beer. The 12% is somehow non-existent in the taste or smell. The only time you know it’s there is after the beer is gone and you wobble as you try to stand up. For real, this beer drinks like a 7% hazy IPA, not the massive Quadruple that it is.

I am literally in awe of how good Evil Twin got this beer. I was skeptical to try something this big and boozy but holy cow. It’s sweet, it’s subtle, it’s tasty. If you can find it, don’t pass it up…even if you’re scared of QIPAs. This is not your typical quad IPA.

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