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Belt’s Beer Garden: Mosaic Mantra

Boiler Brewing’s Mosaic THAT! (Again?) is a loving tribute to those Mosaic hops that we all can’t get enough of.

Boiler Brewing Company has called Lincoln, Nebraska home since 2016. They now have two locations in the city, with their South Taproom being about eight miles south of their original downtown location. Their OG location is a mere half mile from Memorial Stadium, where the Nebraska Cornhuskers play…which makes it a perfect location for beers before any home game.

Boiler is a brewery I don’t often see but really want to drink. So when I saw a pair of their beers up for grabs, I knew to pounce. I was able to grab their OC/DC - a Mosaic Imperial Pilsner - but, for today’s beer…we stayed with the Mosaic but went a bit more hoppy - Mosaic THAT! (Again?).

Mosaic THAT! (Again?) is an all-Mosaic hopped hazy IPA that they call a “Mosaic mantra written with a sharpened Mosaic pen.” It features a 7% ABV and each single can costs $7, with a four pack going for $24.

This New England-style IPA poured a dark and murky golden orange color with about two fingers of head building up atop the beer. The off-white foam didn’t stick around too long and quickly fizzled down into a small accumulation around the edge with a few clouds floating in the middle. There wasn’t much lacing from the bubbles, as just a few strands clung to the sides.

On the nose there is a nice combination of hoppy qualities. There are citrus and tropical fruit notes but there are also some resinous pine and dank earthy/floral notes as well. The fruits offer up scents of berries, pineapple, mango, and papaya and lead the way. However, underneath the hops, there is also a tiny hint of the grist as well, giving off subtle notes of flaked wheat and oats.

The sip begins with a rush of carbonation and a thinner, more watery body than I was expecting. From there, the flavors slowly creep forth. Like the aroma, it begins with a hefty dose of sweet fruits. A sweet burst of orange/tangerine starts it off but it isn’t long before a wave of tangy and acidic pineapple crashes down. The pineapple leads the way for a few moments, even adding a bit of tartness to the brew before the beer shifts some, allowing the juicier tropical notes of mango and papaya begin to swell up and push the pineapple away.

Towards the end, there is a spike of grapefruit rind and citrus peel that adds a dash of dryness and some bitter notes but never fully overpowers the initial fruit flavors.

It ends mostly clean. The only things that linger on are the acidity from the early pineapple and a dash of that late citrus peel. There is virtually no bitterness to the brew at all, just a light twinge as the pithy grapefruit briefly appears.

Those dank and earthy notes from the aroma never make an appearance during the actual sips, as the flavor is pretty heavily dominated by the super sweet and juicy tropical fruit characteristics. Heck, even the flaked wheat and oats are overpowered by the Mosaic’s fruity qualities. It makes for a very easy sipper.

It’s a very solid all-Mosaic brew. And, if you’re a fan of the hop, then there is no doubt you’ll like this beer. It’s quite tasty and very crushable…but there is a lot of that tart and acidic pineapple though.

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