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Belt’s Beer Garden: Buried Alive

Until There is No Longer, a superb DDH IPA from Asheville’s Burial Beer Co.

Burial Beer Company is yet another amazing brewery coming out of the Tar Heel State. Situated in the beer-heavy city of Asheville, North Carolina, Burial has a lot of local competition but if you ever find yourself visiting the city, this is the place to stop. Especially if you like hazy IPAs.

Luckily they’ve actually made it easier for those who want to get their hands on Burial’s delicious libations, as they have opened up three other locations across the state - a second in Asheville, one in Raleigh, and another in Charlotte.

Today I have one of their year-round beers, Until There is No Longer - a hazy IPA brewed with Citra and Citra Incognito hops before being dry-hopped with Citra and Citra Cryo hops. It features a solid 7.5% ABV and about 60 IBU.

This double dry-hopped IPA poured a super bright golden straw color with moderate head forming. Just about a finger of pure white foam appeared before fizzling down to a thin ring around the edge of the glass. There was some moderate lacing as the beer was consumed.

On the nose there was a nice blend of hoppy aromas that featured both juicy/tropical and grassy/floral notes. Mango, pineapples, and grapefruit were most prevalent but there were also hints of lemon and tangerine. Underneath the fruit were some crackery and bready qualities with some herbal and resinous grass characteristics peeking out as well.

Each sip begins with a creamy, fluffy feeling and a dash of bitterness. Pineapple and mango quickly take control and saturate my taste buds with juicy tropical flavors.

A burst of orange/tangerine, peach, and passion fruit hit next, really amplifying the juiciness of the brew. That blending of fruits sticks around for a few moments before the brew shifts in the later stages.

The grist hits on the backend, with some flaked grains and cereal-like notes adding some more sweetness for a brief moment. As quickly as it arrives, it disappears…leaving the hops to retake control.

As the beer’s flavors begin to fade away, there is a bit of pithy grapefruit bitterness and a dank grassy resin that lingers on for a few moments before slowly diffusing out. Otherwise, it’s a very clean finish.

It’s super light and quite sessionable, even with that heavier, fluffier mouthfeel. The 7.4% was barely noticeable but, every so often, it would spike - making sure you know it’s there but not getting in the way.

All in all, Until There is No Longer is a very easy to drink IPA. It has a lot of nice citrus/tropical flavors up front that do turn more pithy and bitter towards the end. I would’ve liked to see the fruit go all the way through but it’s still a very well made DDH IPA.

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